At a time when health care has become a leading concern among voters, it should come as no surprise that a woman like Gainesville, Florida’s Kayser Enneking is running for office. The EMILY’s List-endorsed physician and health care advocate running to represent Florida’s 8th District in the state Senate has been advocating for expanded access to health care in her community for years. But it wasn’t until the rise of Donald Trump and the jeopardizing of the Affordable Care Act that Enneking saw the urgency — and potential in herself — to run for office.

We know Lindsay Cross pretty well — not only is she a frequent sight around St. Petersburg, until recently, she’s led the charge to convince (succesfully, we might add) Florida ranchers to make all or part of their land conservation easements, which help protect Florida’s wilder bits and also allow wildlife to better follow their natural traffic patterns without, well, running into traffic. Or suburbs. She’s recently left her post at the Florida Wildlife Corridor to run for Florida Senate District 24, and while, most years, we’d say, yeah, she’s fantastic, but Jeff Brandes is the incumbent and sure, he’s a Republican and yeah, we don’t love that, but he has a ton of money and knows how the system works, this year, it’s different.

Giffords, a gun safety advocacy group, is backing outgoing House Democratic Leader Janet Cruz in the Senate District 18 race against incumbent Republican Dana Young.

The group was founded by Democratic former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle “Gabby” Giffords, who survived an attempted assassination by a gunman in 2011. She was shot in the head and recovered; six others were killed and 18 injured.