Chair of FL Senate Communications, Energy and Public Utilities Committee Under Fire

Ahead of this afternoon’s FL Senate Communications, Energy, and Public Utilities Committee meeting, chair Frank Artiles is under fire as he fast-tracks two pro-FPL bills (SB 1238 and SB 1048):

News 13: Frank Artiles is “in the bag for Florida Power & Light”
The Rotunda Podcast/Tallahassee Democrat: “Sen. Frank Artiles faces scrutiny for accelerating bills favorable to Florida Power & Light. ‘This is corporate welfare for FPL,’ said Nathan Skop, a former FPL manager and a former commissioner on the Florida Public Service Commission.”
“It’s very disturbing… clearly the legislator is putting special interests ahead of constituents by advancing these anti-consumer pieces of legislation, which are favorable to utilities at the expense of FPL ratepayers.”
“appearance of impropriety”
“When you see members of the legislature carrying water on legislation that clearly benefits the utilities, primarily FPL, against the interests of ratepayers, it’s obviously a big concern.”
Miami Herald: “Florida Power & Light’s paid nearly $2,000 in flights, food and beverage for Sen. Frank Artiles to travel to Daytona Beach and Disney’s Epcot theme park last month, an expense the senator reported late Monday on his political committee’s web site only after questions by the Herald/Times.”
“Artiles traveled on a plane owned by Dave Ramba, who also lobbies for FPL. Ramba uses his aircraft to provide legislators with air travel around the state and to and from Tallahassee.”
“Also accompanying Artiles was John Holley, who has been director of state legislative affairs for Florida Power & Light since August 2011 and previously worked for three months as a lobbyist with Ramba’s Tallahassee lobbying firm.”