THIS WEEK: Things to Know


Rick Scott’s Golden Boy in Trouble

Last month, we learned that candidate for governor Adam Putnam and his Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services was negligent in processing tens of thousands of applications for concealed carry permits. Now we’re learning that the agency Putnam oversees was sued for “gross misconduct.” A whistleblower stated she was threatened with retaliation for pointing out deficiencies in processing permit applications and was told by bosses that she “worked for the NRA.”


But what else did you expect from the self-described “proud NRA sellout”?


28,800,000,000…and counting

That’s how many gallons of polluted Lake O water have been dumped into neighboring waterways since June 1 wreaking toxic havoc during Florida’s busy summer boating and fishing season. 28.8 BILLION.

Currently, Lake Okeechobee has an algae bloom that covers about 90 percent of the 730-square-mile lake— that’s roughly half the size of Rhode Island.

The problem is an environmental and economic problem, but it’s also a political one. Legislators at the state and federal level have been dragging their feet for years on funding projects it would take to mitigate the algae bloom problem. And here’s a clue to the reason why.

View photos of current algae blooms from across the state here


Fool me once…

Charter schools must be taking a page out of the book of big power companies who tried (unsuccessfully) to deceive voters with a misleading amendment in 2016. This time around though it’s charter school special interests who are trying to fool voters into passing Amendment 8.

In a lawsuit filed last week the League of Women Voters of Florida claims the “proposed ballot title and summary fail to inform voters of the chief purpose of the revision, and are affirmatively misleading as to (its) true purpose and effect.”

Make no mistake, Amendment 8 is the product of powerful special interests run rampant—the same ones who have been pushing policy in Tallahassee that funnel your tax dollars out of public schools and into unaccountable charters.

Sadly, this is just one example of politicians looking out for their own interests over Florida’s teachers and schoolchildren. Ahem…Manny Diaz Jr., Richard Corcoran