Statement: Gov. Scott & Legislature Undermine FL’s Future

Education Bill Labeled “Scam,” “Train Wreck,” “Theft of Taxpayer Funds”  
TALLAHASSEE – FloridaStrong Executive Director Charly Norton released the following statement on Governor Rick Scott’s signing of HB 7069, the controversial education bill that was hatched in secret with no opportunity for amendments, debate or public input:

“For the second time in two days, the Governor has made clear he serves only his own agenda — not the people he was elected to represent. The fact that Scott ignored thousands of veto calls over this past month from parents, school boards, educators and other public school advocates demonstrates his shameful disservice to the state of Florida. Speaker Corcoran and the lawmakers who pushed this ‘scam‘ of a bill are actively dismantling Florida schools and undermining our kids’ chance at success as a result. They can claim they care about the future of this state until they are blue in the face, but their actions prove otherwise.

“FloridaStrong recognizes and applauds the following legislators on both sides of the aisle who stood up to the wealthy corporations looking to profit off of our kids’ education and voted against HB 7069:
Sen. Lauren Book
Sen. Randolph Bracy
Sen. Oscar Braynon
Sen. Daphne Campbell
Sen. Jeff Clemens
Sen.Gary Farmer
Sen. Rene Garcia
Sen. Audrey Gibson
Sen. Denise Grimsley
Sen. Bill Montford
Sen. Bobby Powell
Sen. Kevin Rader
Sen. Jose Javier Rodriguez
Sen. Darryl Rouson
Sen. David Simmons
Sen. Linda Stewart
Sen. Perry Thurston, Jr.
Sen. Victor Torres, Jr.
Rep. Joseph Abruzzo
Rep. Ramon Alexander
Rep. Bruce Antone
Rep. Robert Asencio
Rep. Loranne Ausley
Rep. Lori Berman
Rep. Kamia Brown
Rep. John Cortes
Rep. Janet Cruz
Rep. Kimberly Daniels
Rep. Tracie Davis
Rep. Bobby DuBose
Rep. Nicholas Duran
Rep. Katie Edwards
Rep. Joseph Geller
Rep. Patrick Henry
Rep. Kristin Jacobs
Rep. Al Jacquet
Rep. Evan Jenne
Rep. Shevrin Jones
Rep. Larry Lee, Jr.
Rep. Kionne McGhee
Rep. Amy Mercado
Rep. Jared Moskowitz
Rep. Wengay Newton
Rep. Kathleen Peters
Rep. Sharon Pritchett
Rep. David Richardson
Rep. Barrington Russell
Rep. Sean Shaw
Rep. David Silvers
Rep. Emily Slosberg
Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith
Rep. Cynthia Stafford
Rep. Richard Stark
Rep. Barbara Watson
Rep. Clovis Watson
Rep. Matt Willhite
Rep. Patricia Williams