Governor Scott’s “Real” State of the State

Rick Scott and his partisan leadership in the House and Senate are responsible for an economy where more than half of Florida has fewer jobs than ten years ago and all of Florida has experienced a steady decline in wages

TALLAHASSEE – In response to Rick Scott’s State Of The State today, Florida Strong’s Executive Director Maggie Fernandez released the following statement:

“Today, Rick Scott once again attempted to mislead the Florida public in a speech that was an insult to the millions of working families who are suffering under a recession brought about by Rick Scott and Senate and House leadership. More than half of Florida’s counties have fewer jobs today than 10 years ago, and under Rick Scott wages have steadily declined and are among the lowest in the country. While tens of thousands of unemployed Floridians are competing for fewer jobs with lower wages, Rick Scott and Tallahassee leadership have been advancing the interests of their wealthy, well-connected lobbyists and donors. Florida deserves better.”

  • Tampa Bay Times: Under Scott, FL Had “Steady Decline In Average Wages” Compared To Nation.  “In the Scott era, success was defined by the number of new jobs created (a rolling monthly federal estimate) and the statewide unemployment rate. Other benchmarks were not mentioned, such as the steady decline in average wages in Florida compared to the U.S. or the total number of long-term unemployed who, after a point in time, are no longer counted.” [Tampa Bay Times, 1/4/18]
  • Florida Chamber Found 53.7% Of FL Counties Have Fewer Jobs Than They Had In 2007. “Still, that job boom has left a lot of the state behind. Per the Florida Chamber, 53.7 percent of Florida counties have fewer jobs than they did in 2007. And there are questions that have been raised about the quality of such jobs, in terms of ability to live off the wages of what used to be a traditional 40 hour work week.” [Florida Politics, 12/22/17]
  • Pensacola News Journal Editorial: Editorial: Gov. Scott’s job promises missed most Floridians. “Despite almost 8 years of the governor’s persistent public rhetoric about job-creation, a report from the Florida Chamber found that 36 of 67 counties have actually lost jobs since 2007, before the Great Recession. And according to the data, many of Florida’s rural counties are worse off today than when Scott first won election in 2010.” [Pensacola News Journal Editorial, 8/12/17]
  • Orlando Sentinel, Maxwell: Rick Scott, staff are delusional about Florida’s low-paying jobs. [Orlando Sentinel, Maxwell, 6/21/17]