Bought & Paid For: Jeff Brandes Wastes Millions of Tax Dollars in Own Backyard

History Of Siding With For-Profit Charter School Industry Despite Epidemic Of Fraud & Waste 

Four Privately-Run Pinellas County Schools Under Investigation For Poor Financial Management

PETERSBURG –As first reported by the Tampa Bay Times, a grand jury has indicted a for-profit school management company that runs four Pinellas County charter schools. The company’s schools – including Windsor Preparatory Academy in Senator Jeff Brandes’s district – enroll hundreds of students and receive millions in taxpayer dollars. Where is Senator Brandes on the issue? Siding with the for-profit management company.

Despite the troubling charges of grand theft and money laundering that face the company in question, Senator Brandes is mum on this critical issue that impacts families throughout his district. His voting record in the legislature says enough:

Senator Jeff Brandes is at the center of this epidemic of fraud and waste. Adding insult to injury, Brandes has gladly accepted campaign cash from the for-profit industry, further demonstrating the “disproportionate clout” for-profit charter schools have in the Florida Legislature. Brandes evidently has no problem with these “pillaging” companies and their executives profiting off of state education dollars.

The lack of oversight and accountability for these management companies that are cashing in on Florida children is nothing new. It is time for lawmakers to pass corrective legislation once and for all that will finally hold these companies responsible.