Lobbyist Jose Felix Diaz Gives No-Bid State Contract To Corporation That’s Funding His Campaign & Is Represented By His Lobbying Firm

Diaz Wastes Taxpayer Dollars For Political & Personal Gain 
The Geo Group Is A Long-Time Client For Diaz’s Lobbying Firm
MIAMI – As first reported by the Miami Herald, the Florida Legislature quietly approved a $3-million no-bid contract for The Geo Group, the embattled for-profit prison company, during the 2017 session. Following state lawmakers’ disgraceful no-bid giveaway of tax dollars, Geo dished out tens of thousands of dollars to just three state political committees: House and Senate leadership, and Rep. Jose Felix Diaz — who works for the same firm that represents The Geo Group.
“This latest revelation is no surprise, since State Rep. Jose Felix Diaz has a long history of giving away millions in tax dollars to the big-money corporations lining his campaign and employer’s coffers. From lobbying for sweetheart deals for the controversial Beckham Stadium, to voting for higher profits for his firm’s insurance industry clients, Diaz is representative of a Tallahassee culture that prioritizes corporate welfare over policies that help Florida families. Even Mayor Gimenez doesn’t want to associate himself with Diaz’s negative campaign that’s funded by the wealthy corporations enriching themselves on the backs of local Miami residents,” FloridaStrong Executive Director Charly Norton said Thursday.