Questions Speaker Corcoran Must Answer

This past weekend, House Speaker Richard Corcoran appeared on Facing South Florida with Jim DeFede and alleged there is a “tremendous potential likelihood” that terrorists are hiding among refugees in Florida. Given the serious nature of such a claim, Corcoran must answer the following questions:

  • Speaker Corcoran, you said that this assertion is “based on facts.” What are those facts?
  • If you have facts, why aren’t you sharing them with the people of Florida?
  • If that information is classified, did you break the law by disclosing that it exists? Have you put potential investigations at risk by warning terrorists they are under surveillance?
  • You also said that “They don’t have the list of names or individuals. They don’t know who they are related to.” How do you know that if you don’t have access to classified information?
  • Is this just fear-mongering to help your potential gubernatorial campaign?
  • Last year, you said Donald Trump had “questionable character” and that America “needs leaders who know what they believe and are courageously willing to fight for their principles regardless of the cost.” Are you compromising your principles in your quest for higher office? If Trump has “questionable character,” why are you willing to believe his comments on refugees?
  • You also said, “We are absolutely the enemy and the reason we are the enemy, the reason Donald Trump is on the rise, is because we campaign one way and we govern another.” Since you campaigned for Speaker calling for inclusiveness, isn’t stoking the fears of your constituents with bogus claims about refugees peddled by Trump prove YOU are just as much to blame?
  • Can you name one example of someone in the refugee resettlement program who has committed a terrorist act in this country?
  • The Southern Poverty Law Center found that Florida has the 3rd most hate groups in the country. Rather than demonizing those fleeing war-torn nations, what are you doing to protect Floridians from these homegrown threats?
We look forward to your answers, Speaker Corcoran.