Statement on Budget Deal & Upcoming Special Session

TALLAHASSEE – FloridaStrong Executive Director Charly Norton issued the following statement on the legislature’s upcoming special session:
“By hatching yet another secret, back-room deal, FL Gov. Rick Scott, Senate President Joe Negron and House Speaker Richard Corcoran have once again sent the message that ‘transparency’ is nothing more than empty rhetoric in Tallahassee. Clearly Speaker Corcoran is trying to salvage his own legacy after his ineffective, scorched-earth approach to the regular session passed no substantive policy. Insultingly, Corcoran has no respect for the people of Florida, as he is willing to lie to his constituents and conduct the people’s business behind closed doors.
“It’s also evident that Gov. Scott is continuing to play politics when it comes to education. Scott refuses to come clean on his plans to sign HB 7069 — a disastrous education bill that will devastate local public schools — despite sitting senators confirming such on the record.
“The fact that conservative politicians in Tallahassee are willing to trade more handouts to corporations at the expense of our children’s education is proof they only care about boosting profits for the special interests bankrolling their campaigns. Their proposed changes to K-12 education funding would leave Florida in the bottom quartile nationally, an unacceptable ranking that hurts our kids’ chance at success.
“Furthermore, the legislature’s inability to finish the work they were elected to do during the regular session could now cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is an enormous waste of taxpayer dollars over issues that should have already been decided. Floridians deserve representation that not only will advocate for their priorities, but also spend taxpayer dollars wisely.”