US News & World Report Best Jobs Rankings: Florida Doesn’t Have Many

In response to yesterday’s US News & World Report Best Jobs Rankings, in which none of Florida’s metros ranked in the top 50, Maggie Fernandez of FloridaStrong issued the following statement:

“Rick Scott and his lackeys in the Florida legislature want us to believe they’ve created a stellar economy. But, Scott’s self-serving agenda has delivered an economy that only works for his billionaire friends and donors and leaves Florida’s working families with very little,” said Maggie Fernandez, Executive Director of FloridaStrong. “Ignoring small businesses while giving massive tax cuts to huge corporations that pay poverty level wages is not an economic success story.”


ICYMI:  Tampa Bay Times, US News & World Report “Best Jobs: Florida doesn’t have many”

Key Points:

  • “In the U.S. News & World Report’s rankings for “Best Jobs of 2018” released Wednesday, Florida’s metropolitan areas failed to crack the top 50 hubs for jobs that offer good salaries, future opportunities and work-life balance.”
  • “The metro areas were ordered based on their concentration of “best” jobs. Naples was the highest-ranking Florida region at No. 55, a far cry from the California-dominated top five. San Francisco claimed the No. 1 spot.”
  • “Florida may have an enviable unemployment rate these days. But when it comes to high-paying jobs, the Sunshine State’s economy inspires less jealousy.”

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