Where’s the line for Jose Felix Diaz?

This afternoon, Donald Trump doubled down on his rhetoric blaming “both sides” for the sickening, racism-driven domestic terrorism in Charlottesville, VA. Many are calling today “the most disgraceful day of Donald Trump’s presidency” as he returns to defending white supremacists and former KKK leader David Duke thanks Trump for his “honesty and courage.”
FloridaStrong Executive Director Charly Norton issued the following statement Tuesday:
“Jose Felix Diaz must immediately denounce Donald Trump, his good friend and supporter, and his shameful embrace of white supremacists and bigotry. If today’s vile defense of the worst form of racist ideology isn’t the final line that Trump needed to cross for him to lose Diaz’s support, Diaz owes his constituents an explanation of whether that line even exists for him. Anyone can tweet that this ‘has no place in the US’ or condemn the white supremacists themselves, but when will Diaz have the courage to stand up to their biggest defender: Donald Trump.”